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Many people think of angels as an entity beyond this dimension, in an ethereal world where they guide and protect us. I do not doubt that there is an unseen force which does that for me as i feel very blessed in this lifetime; but i also see angels in this dimension, on this earth that i walk and breathe in. Some i know personally and call family and friends, and some are strangers with whom i have had the fortunate opportunity to cross paths briefly with or to witness their kind deed.

Last week in Singapore, i witnessed such a deed: hundreds of people made up of performers, celebrities, and volunteers all getting together to raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer. InHerShoes – Art & Music Against Cancer was started by Simon Wong who had lost his wife 4 years ago to cancer. This year, InHerShoes has become a 3-day long event!

Two of my friends, Wilson Goh and Dano Falk were also performing in this event, therefore my opportunity to tag along. I had the lovely brief moment to chat with sweet Simon, and the joy to witness the joining of so many people joining forces and talent to support the never-ending fight against a terminal disease where globally, 12 million people learn they have cancer, and over 7 million die from this disease (2012 CDC – Centers For Disease Control and Prevention). Some of the other celebrities present were Celest Chong, Joanna Dong, Tay Kewei, Jack and Rai, Kathryn Wong, Sharon Wong,  Dawn Wong, and Anita Kapoor to name but a few.

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InHerShoes 2012 – Art & Music Against Cancer

No Plastic Bag Bazaar 2009

Autorr Foundation Centre Fundraiser 2010


I have not forgotten the other wonderful opportunities i have had over the years, to witness such charity, kindness, care, and love outpouring from so many other souls.

There was The No Plastic Bag Bazaar in 2009, organized by The Recyclists, raising funds for education & awareness campaigns towards nature preservation & animal care. There was an auction of items donated by celebrities, a pet adoption drive, local performances, flea market, and raffle draws. Hosted by the vivacious director/actor Nell Ng and Malaysia’s most renowned emcee TP Lim, participants included Peter Ong, Harith Iskander, Chelsia Ng and Amber Chia. The proceeds for that year’s campaign was donated to the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and the Furry Friends Farm (FFF).

In 2010, there was the AUTORR Foundation Fundraiser show in 2010 hosted again by Nell Ng and TP Lim (i love them! 🙂 ); a colorful, vibrant show of singing and dancing where many of my friends took part in, all to raise funds for AUTORR, a recreation centre for senior citizens and their families.

Being animal lovers, my friends and i have also gotten involved in various charity drives over the years, with PAWS , MDDB (Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better) etc.

The joining together of like-minded people, of friends and strangers to support a cause and raise awareness and/or funds for others, makes them angels in my eyes. People’s time and effort should not be taken for granted and when given or shared, it is indeed a priceless gift. The giving of their time is a selfless act of care and concern, of kindness, of compassion, of love. What i admire is the passion that individuals have, to stand for or support something that they believe in, and the compromises, sacrifices and efforts they are willing to go through, to lend a helping hand. These are the angels that walk amongst us.

I give Gratitude to have met these angels, to have them in my life, to have been inspired, motivated , and influenced by them. These angels make me smile and make the world a better place.  

* I wanted to seperate the photos accordingly and have different slideshow galleries under different events but sorry, i didn’t know how to do that! So all event photos are grouped into one slideshow gallery 😦