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It’s that time of the year…the end of one and new beginnings of another…where many people ask me how to do a Space Clearing. Below is an edited version from my article which i wrote for Natural Health Magazine – “Shifting Energy In The Home Through Space Clearing” – that was published in 2011.

Do you sometimes notice that when you enter a room, it feels ‘heavy’ or ‘sticky’? Or perhaps it feels dark even though the room is well lit or it is a sunny day outside? We often feel something when we enter different environments, or when we meet someone for the first time, be it a comfortable feeling or an uncomfortable one. Many people attribute this only to the physical visual surroundings such as the decor of the place, or the physical appearance of a person, unaware that there is a deeper underlying explanation which relates to energy. Some people are intuitively more sensitive and aware to these energies, than others.

Some environments and people promote an energy that is positive, uplifting or soothing, whereas some environments and people can drain you and make you feel tired, ill,  agitated, wary or tensed. An environment or person which is heavy in negative energies that are never cleared or avoided may also to lead to arguments, accidents, or things just never going smoothly.

What is Space Clearing?

Space clearing is a simple and powerful ritual way to cleanse a person, place or object of negative energies, spirits or influences, and invoking divine energy, through the use of ceremony and ritual. It involves the burning of sacred plants and resins, passing an object through smoke, or fanning the smoke around the person or place using hands or ideally, a feather. Space clearing techniques have been practiced throughout ancient history by many cultures that give it a different name and use different tools but the intent is the same – to cleanse and purify a space or person to create balance and harmony.

space clearing smudge

Native Indian Americans use drums, rattles and burn herbs in their space clearing ritual known as smudging. White Sage, Desert Sage, Cedar, Lavender and Sweetgrass are often used during their smudging ceremonies. The Chinese use gongs, bells, chant, blessed paper and burn incense. Other cultures use blessed water, candles, salt, flowers, and prayers. In the Middle East, resins such as frankincense, myrrh and benzoin are popular. Whichever way is adopted, the result is the same after a space cleanse – you will feel that your space is immediately lighter, clearer and fresher.

When should i do a Space Clearing?

  • When you move into a new accommodation
  • When you run a business
  • When there has been arguments in your space
  • When there has been illness in your space
  • When you feel you have had a psychic attack
  • When you are having a bout of bad dreams
  • When you have ended a relationship and after your partner has moved out
  • When your spouse or family member has passed away
  • When you have attended someone’s funeral
  • When you feel you are having a run of bad luck or things just aren’t running smoothly in your life lately, or your family or yourself are often falling ill

How do i perform a Space Clearing?

There is no one particular method that must be adopted – it is focus and intent in any ritual, that is important; for that is energy. Make sure that you are clean, calm and have eaten something. It is good to be grounded before you start, and wearing a crystal for protection is also preferable. Perform the ritual on a nice sunny day when natural light is strong.

De-clutter your space and make sure it is clean; this includes under the beds. Visualize and plan out, in your mind, the areas that you will be space clearing so that you will move around the rooms smoothly. Open all doors and windows before you begin, to allow old energy to flow out and new energy to flow in.


Have your space clearing tools ready in a box so that everything is handy for immediate use – a terra-cotta holder (for your herbs to be burned in), a lighter, charcoal, a pair of tongs, herbs, blossoms and resins. These are just the basics to start you off with. When i perform a space clearing for a client’s home or office, many more tools are added for the ritual and can take anywhere from one to 3 hours to complete, depending on the size of the space or the ‘severity’ of the situation.

Space Clearing Steps

Invoke your Divine guides (the gods/goddesses of your own faith) to be with you in the space clearing ceremony, to assist you and surround you with their pure Light. Use the tongs to hold the charcoal, and light the charcoal. Allow the charcoal to become very hot before you place a teaspoon of herbs and blossoms on it. It will smoke nicely. You may add resins if you wish. Some resins cannot be put immediately because they are slightly moist and sticky and will therefore dampen the charcoal and reduce its heat and smoke. You want a very strong smoky result in space clearing, unlike the gentle waft of incense.

You can begin at the back of your environment, or begin at your front main entrance; walk in a clockwise motion around your room, stopping at corners and allowing the strong smoke to move the stagnant energies that are there (ever notice how cobwebs like to gather in corners because the energy there is so still?). As you move around your space, say something like “i remove all negative energies from this space, and fill it with pure Light, pure Love, and pure Healing energies. I create sacred Light space”…and repeat it like a mantra. Do room by room, starting at its entrance, walking in a clockwise motion, and ending at its entrance again. Think of it as moving stale energy ‘forward and out’, making space for fresh, clean and positive energies in.

Once all the rooms are done, return to your front main entrance and seal your intent and ceremony with the infinity symbol (horizontal 8) three times. Say something like “I seal this space with pure Light and pure Love, and invoke my Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and all that is good, to be with me in my sacred space. So mote it be, to the power of three.” Make up your own sentence that resonate with you and is applicable to your circumstances. Choose something that is easy to remember, clear, concise and to the point. You do not want to stammer as you’re thinking of what to say.

Use positive affirmations or words only. Your intent…and therefore energy…has to be pure, good, kind and love. Your aim is to remove negative energies and increase Light, and never ever to cause harm unto others for that negative thought in itself, is dark. And once you knowingly and intentionally start to embrace darkness, you become darkness itself.

Fan the smoke around yourself and your loved ones, to clear any negative energies around you and to fill your aura with Light and Love.

How often should i do a Space Clearing?

For homes, it is important to do a space clearing when you first move into a new accommodation, as previous tenants would have left their energy imprint in that space. I find that a combination of smudging, bells, tingshas or singing bowls, and a chant CD works well. A crystal bowl works better for me than a metal singing bowl. Thereafter, depending on your home situation, i suggest one repeat this process every quarter, 6 months, or yearly to maintain a high vibration in that space.

crystal singing bowl

For businesses, i suggest space clearing once a week or once a month, depending on the nature of your business. Business environments welcome many different people with different energies into their space, so it is essential to clear often and keep the vibrations high and positive. In my workplace, due to the nature of my job, we tend to burn incense, herbs, resins and lavender blossoms, play mantras, and diffuse pure essential oils (essential oils have ‘pure light’ frequency vibrations) every day. Those who do hospice work, lawyers, in the medical profession, police, Light workers (Intuitives, psychics, healers etc), in the music or show biz, funeral parlor workers, night shift workers, to name but a few careers, are exposed to dark energies more often than usual, and therefore should take conscious effort to keep their vibrations cleared and high.

What if there is a negative entity in my space, or i am under psychic attack?

Never attempt to do space clearings if you are afraid, or not well grounded, or are suffering an illness and your energy vibration is weak. If so, seeking professional help from other Light workers, or religious leader/teacher who will have their own ritual ceremonies, is advisable; or you may consult us at This Wonderful Life…the new age shop.

sacred space

Create your sacred space, increase your Light, and you will notice a positive shift in your life. There are major shifts happening especially this month in 2012, so trust in your divine and allow things to shift as they must. Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

Love & Light, Tania