I had seen the 2005 film starring Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick and Uma Thurman, and had absolutely loved it. Now i’ve also seen Pan Productions version…twice!…and i absolutely loved it too.

In this Pan Productions’ version, there’s a delightful twist in there with Ula’s (Safia Hanifah) role, Peter Ong and Vince Chong were a great combo, and i HAVE to say that i absolutely enjoyed Alizakri Alias’ and Joshua Gui’s flamboyant gay roles as Roger De Bris and Carmen Ghia much more than in the 2005 American version. Alfred Loh as ex-Nazi Franz Liebkind will have you rolling on the floor with laughter!

I’m glad i went twice because the first time, i was seated on the right of the stage. The second time, i was seated on the left. Both sides gave me a slightly different view of the actors and i could see some hilarious expressions the second time around, which i had missed the first time.

The 2nd time round, my sister-in-law and i bought tickets as a treat for my mum and our 3 family helpers (my maid, my Dad’s, and my brother’s). It was a birthday treat for my maid, and having 2 of her friends along was like a party. We almost cancelled because my Dad and sis-in-law were wary of what troubles or riots might arise during Election Day on May 5th. The girls had been so looking forward to this treat, that it would have been such a disappointment to them to cancel. So i promised to send everyone home early, before the final election results were in.

I felt like a Mom that day! The weight of responsibility to ensure that all the ladies…grown-up as they are…were safe on this particular ‘special’ day, ferrying the girls around in my car, taking photographs of them with their favorite actors, them giggling like high school kids and so excited, and then dropping them off safe and sound back in their respective homes.

They all had a blast though, beaming from ear to ear, a belly full of laughter, and happy to have watched a most entertaining and hilarious musical show. šŸ™‚

If you haven’t gone to watch Pan Productions latest (Mel Brooks) musical, The Producers, you’re not too late!…they run until 11th May.

Location: Pentas 2, KLPAC

Tickets: RM125, RM105 and RM85

Box Office Tel: 03 4047 9000