sleeping fairy

Last night I thought, “What do I need?”.  A list of things played out in my mind; an oven to bake cakes and roast meats, an electric cake mixer, a Mac Mini to hook up to my tv, a new bed, an altar table, a house rather than a condo (so that i can have a bigger kitchen to fit that oven in, the indulgence of an extra room to make solely into my magical altar room, a garden for my cats and dog to play in, a garden for me to sculpt into an area of flowers and herbs).

Then i thought, but i don’t need these things, i want them. So i thought again, “What do i NEED?”. I have a very comfortable cosy 3+1 bedroom w/3 bathroom condo to live in, a nice powerful-engined car to drive, good food on my table, clothes on my back, a maid to assist me, a business to call my own, work that is never boring (thanks to the lovely, interesting customers we have), a shop that i love going to work to everyday, wonderful friends, lovely acquaintances, a supportive family, pets that i love. I’m healthy, my loved ones are healthy. That’s what i have and that’s all i need really.

What I need and what I want are two different things. I actually don’t need anything; anything more than what I already have, that is. My physical material comforts are more than sufficient. My spiritual ‘comfort’, though a never ending practice and there is always something to learn, is satisfying; i am happy to do it, there is no strife. My emotional comfort is calm, smooth and steady.

So as i laid on my bed, a feeling of blessedness, gratitude and peace filled me. I thought of my list again, and i noticed that my list of ‘wants’ is not even a long list; that in itself shows me how lucky and blessed i am. I also recognize the fact that the absence of all that does not make me suffer. A smile spread across my face, and i felt a blanket of content. I slept really well last night.

My wish for you is that you find your place of peace. That you recognize what you have, that you appreciate it, and give gratitude for it. We may not always get what we want, but if we have what we need, then we are blessed. Life may not be perfect but then perfection is always only a matter of perception. And if you perceive it as “enough”, then it will be enough.