be grateful

It is easy to take life for granted. We’re accustomed to some sort of routine in our life, like waking up, doing what needs to be done, going to work, having our meals through the day, socializing with the usual suspects, hanging out at our favorite places, going to sleep. We’re accustomed to a routine or schedule which we’ve created for ourselves.

Because we have been doing this day in and day out, everything around us starts to become familiar, becomes something we take for granted to be there, to be available, accessible. How many of us practice awareness? How many of us rest in bed and give thanks, gratitude, to the day or events passed?

Today i give Gratitude for the geniuses who invented gadgets that make our life convenient and comfortable. I give gratitude for the mattress on which i lay on, the air-cond that cools my body, the pipes that flow water to my home, the cup that holds my coffee, the computer that allows me to access information as well as give out information, the hair clips and hair ties that keep my hair manageable, the spectacles that allow me to see clearly, the fridge that keeps my food fresher longer, the stove that cooks my food, the locks that keep our property safe, the car that provides efficient & comfortable transport, the harness and leash so that i can take Bella safely for walks, lights so that i do not sit in the dark, the phone that allows me to communicate easier with people i care about etc.

Sitting here and looking around me, i can list loads of little things i see right now, invented/created by somebody, that makes my life easier or comfortable or pleasurable. Paper, fan, tissue, table, chair, tv, pens, dvd player, stereo, unify, dinnerware, utensils, bucket and mop, vacuum, wet wipes, photo frames, book shelves, cabinets, sinks, bottles, candles, lighters, lamp shades, shoes, flower pots…and the list goes on. Every little thing has been created from someone’s imagination, to serve a purpose. Almost every little thing makes a difference in our lives. It impresses and amazes me. I am thankful to these inventive minds, whether big inventions or small, for everything put together contributes to the life i shape around me. And i am grateful for it.