photo-54Glenda was in the kitchen today, merrily humming to If You Wanna Be My Lover which she heard from last night’s It’s Pawssible performance 🙂 It was a fun night, a variety of talents doing what they do best, entertaining us with songs, dance, and jokes. All in the name of love and charity towards dogs and cats.

The angels on earth are at it again, first with the launch of PAWS Animal Mobile Clinic, and then It’s Pawssible charity concert.

inside mobile clinic

The Animal Mobile Clinic is a fully equipped vehicle with an examination room and operation theatre for sterilizations and vaccinations on animals. It’s the FIRST of its kind in Malaysia, donated by Berjaya Corporation Berhad and in collaboration with PAWS Malaysia. mobile animal clinic

This Mobile Animal Clinic will make a vast difference in the rural areas that lack access to veterinary care, and in the long run, hopefully help the over-population of strays on our streets.

The mission of It’s Pawssible, was to raise RM150,000 (approx USD45,600) for the spaying and neutering of 1,000 rescued animals. The last i heard, they had reached their target today! YAY!

There were so many artists who performed last night, it’s difficult to say which were my favorites! For best costume, my pick is definitely the sisters of Summer Grace, who wore skirts of stuffed toy animals 🙂

yan yan     summer grace

For best female voice, i think the loud applause from the audience agreed with me that Elvira Arul gave an amazing performance of Whitney’s Houston I Will Always Love You. It gave many of us glorious goose bumps! The tear jerker was Jet Qi’s Chinese song, You Mean the World to Me (你是我的全世界), a song which he composed specially for this concert. Though i didn’t understand the words, the English translation was on screen and the words were so beautiful. Coupled with the melody, it made me sniffle.


KK Wong as Datin Ong and TP Lim as Bola Sui had us all in stitches! I could go on about every single artist and their amazing talents, but that would take too long 🙂 Suffice to say, everyone glowed and shone, provided something for everyone in English, Chinese, Malay, young and old.



So what made me sleep with a smile on my face last night? I’m happy not just because of the money they raised that will help the strays, it’s also about seeing that there were so many people out there, performers and audience, who CARE. We the audience put aside a few hours to drive to the destination, sit for a couple of hours at the show, then go home entertained. We perhaps do not give much thought to the artists, volunteers, and behind-the-scenes crew, who have given many more of their hours for organizing, for rehearsals, meetings, photo shoots, interviews etc. It warms my heart that there are those who will sacrifice their time for the cause of animals, to be the voice for those who cannot speak. They try, and that effort, love and determination is something to appreciate.

Their mission does not end here. Their next step is to find homes for 1,000 strays. I reckon raising money will seem easy compared to finding homes for that many strays! But where there is a will, there is a way. And where there are warm-hearted animal lovers like these leading the way, there is hope.

I go to sleep wishing that everyone loved animals as much as my family, friends and i do. I go to sleep wishing that there was no such thing as dogs being haram, no such thing as cruelty to animals. For one night at least, last night, it certainly seemed that way. 🙂

I give Bella a big hug, so happy that she is mine, and so grateful that she is loved by my family, friends, and totally spoiled by her  ‘grand-parents’ and ‘god-parents’!

* The artists performed for free, the project was sponsored by B.Youth, Pan Productions, SmartHeart and NGO Partner, PAWS. 100% of the ticket sales went to charity.