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I love the few days between Christmas and the New Year. After the excitement of my shopping & wrapping frenzy of presents, luncheons and dinner parties, rich foods and desserts, my attention now switches to de-cluttering mode and thinking of what i’m going to do next year. 

I love to sit quietly away from chatter, pets by my side, wine in hand, Christmas tree lights on, and watch festive movies on tv. Then when the mood strikes me, i begin to de-clutter and re-organize different sections of my home 🙂 I’m always amazed at the amount of stuff i let go of yearly, the number of black garbage bags or donation boxes they fill! As i syphon through the stuff, i recall why or how i got it, the purpose it fulfilled, and the need it no longer fills. Out it goes!

As the bags and boxes fill up, a feeling of weight is lifted off me. I feel lighter, freer, brighter. This is a twice or tri-yearly activity, an affair that never ends through my life because as space is made, space is filled with new things 🙂 As is with friendships, love, ideas, inspiration, thinking, and actions.

So, the new year is round the corner. Since nothing is perfect and no one is perfect, and there is always room for improvement, i always wish for the same things: for myself…that i continue to learn and improve with age and experience, that i become an example of strength, inspiration and integrity to family and others. That i am more tolerant, patient, kind, generous, forgiving, compassionate, understanding. That my family and friends are healthy, happy and prosperous. That my business shines. For others…that they live a fulfilling life of their wishes come true, that they are healthy and live a long life with their loved ones, that they gain strength and healing in time of darkness, that they prosper in love, laughter, blessings and money, that they reach their goals and heart’s desire.

I give Gratitude for the blessings received this year, for the holiday trips, the laughter, joy, hugs and kisses, for great friends, supportive family, for the stories told, adventures shared, for the wonderful doggies, for gifts, food on the table, money in the pocket, roof over head, for TWL.

I wish you all blue skies, white clouds, rainbows and lemon drops.

I love you, and with Gratitude, thank you.