So here we go! For a year, so many friends have been telling me to start a blog, to write/talk about what inspires me, what i wish to inspire in return.

TeaWithTania is for you, me, for everyone who ever wishes to live our best life. For me, living my best life means doing what i love and loving what i do, doing everything from, hopefully, a space of love (intent), surrounding myself with friends who support, encourage & challenge me to always improve; always learning and experiencing new things (say “YES!”), facing my fears and going beyond my comfort-zone, traveling & having adventures, listening to music that makes me feel good, delighting in the varied tastes of food & drink, having a career that not only gives me the material comforts that i have but that at the same time also contributes & makes a positive difference in peoples lives, practicing self-TLC and being responsible for my own well-being, and having a dog/dogs in my life because i think they’re the best source of teaching unconditional love.

So here i am, a virgin at blogging but determined nonetheless, to make this blog colorfully inspiring, uplifting, and informative with stories, quotes and easy tips that i hope will enhance your well-being and make you to feel fabulous every day!

I am excited to see this blog come together and manifest! I give Gratitude to all my friends who have encouraged me to start blogging; good friends can be very loud sometimes, especially mine 😉


1 thought on “About”

  1. Tania, thank you for your posts and consistency. I stumbled upon your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed the variety and delicious recipes. 🙂 Living life to the fullest is the greatest lesson to teach. Thank you

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