Spring Rolls/Filipino Lumpia


My friend’s maid, Janice, makes such yummy spring rolls (Filipino Lumpia), that i requested her to teach my maid the recipe 🙂 It makes a great side dish, tea time snack, or party food. I’ve added more ingredients to her recipe, tweaking it to the flavors i like. Recently they made 3 seperate batches: pork, chicken, and vegetarian! Below is the recipe for Pork Spring Rolls. Continue reading


A Blanket Of Contentedness #4

sleeping fairy

Last night I thought, “What do I need?”.  A list of things played out in my mind; an oven to bake cakes and roast meats, an electric cake mixer, a Mac Mini to hook up to my tv, a new bed, an altar table, a house rather than a condo (so that i can have a bigger kitchen to fit that oven in, the indulgence of an extra room to make solely into my magical altar room, a garden for my cats and dog to play in, a garden for me to sculpt into an area of flowers and herbs).

Then i thought, but i don’t need these things, i want them. So i thought again, “What do i NEED?”. I have a very comfortable cosy 3+1 bedroom w/3 bathroom condo to live Continue reading

Meat Dumplings (Pork & Prawns)


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dumpling prawn in soup noodles

For those of you who don’t cook much and need an easy recipe to follow, here is a step-by-step instruction on “how to” make a big batch of meat dumplings which you can keep in the freezer.

I just pick a night when i’ve got a dvd movie to watch, plop myself in front of the tv, and wrap away! Often, i prepare 2 Continue reading

What Do You Wish For?


“What do you wish for?”, he asked.

“I wish to strike the Jackpot!”, i answered. “So that i can buy a few houses and give them as gifts to family; start a trust fund for my niece. Take my family and my friends for an all-expense-paid holiday to a resort in Ubud or Thailand! I wish to be able to take Bella and live in a country with 4 seasons ‘cos i love Spring and Winter”.

“No lah, i mean what do you wish for, for this country”, rolling his eyes at me. Continue reading

Attitudes Of Gratitude #4


Remember to give Gratitude for the things we DO have in life, rather than focus on what we don’t. Talking negatively makes you FEEL negative, which GIVES OFF negative vibrations, which gets PICKED up by others….and its contagious. So today I give GRATITUDE for the good health of my family and friends, that they are all safe these past (GE13) days, that many of us have had buckets of laughter at The Producers musical show, for Bella being her usual happy care-free self, for the roof over my head and the food on my table, for a job, for money in my pocket, for Vampire Diaries, for flowers in my garden, for the good time which I know I will have with friends at lunch and dinner today 🙂


Pancit Guisado (Noodles w/Chicken, Shrimp & Pork), Philippines


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pancit servedA Filipino dish i used to cook whilst living in Hong Kong. The ingredients can be substituted with whatever meats or veges you may have in the fridge/freezer, it’s quick and easy to cook (about 20 minutes in all), and yummy! Continue reading